The Stranger

By, Julie M. Casey

The dull muffled sounds of heavy breathing seeping through the tiny cracks of a bolted door-

A stranger eavesdropping  from the other side, his eerie shadow casts across the bedroom floor.

They both know he is there and yet continue on, his unsought presence only escalates her excitement-

Luring him in even more with her exaggerated moans, she is enthralled by her new voyeur’s enticement.

She begins to focus on the now swaying rays of light, imploring her partner to thrust harder and deeper-

An almost odious energy looms in and out of the room, engulfing all three bodies like an uncontrollable fever.

And then suddenly the stranger lets out a despondent gasp, then silence as his shadow  creeps away into the night-

His perverted actions had been excused it had seemed, and he felt that his own satisfaction had become trite..

She and her lover finish their dance with devil alone, both completely unscathed by what had just transpired-

Their shameless lack of conscience was quite normal for them, for this was something they both secretly desired.


Sexual Deviancy

By Julie M. Casey
All human beings are sexual creatures deep down inside, but some of us like to delve into those dark areas where pleasure meets pain. It is in those moments that we feel the most desirable, and undeniably the most alive. Almost euphoric in many ways,  as your mind races back and forth between enjoyment and torment. Safe words are for pussies, the whole point is to push you past your limits, then bring you back just enough until the next round of affliction begins. Hearing the sound of sweat drenched flesh smacking against one another with each violent thrust, as the moans of anguish echo in the room. It is, without a doubt, the most hauntingly erotic utterance to ever fill the air. And the lecherous ganders in between uncontrollable winces only intesifies the need to dredge even further into this spectrum of deviance that is consuming you. Then finally coming to that pinnacle point where your bodies begin to surrender on their own almost melodiously and nearly mimicking the sounds of animal like

growls. Both bodies simutaneously collapsing from exhaustion, as your lungs desperately gasp for oxygen. The brain flooded by oxytocin leaving you unable to think, let alone form a sentence. The flesh becomes numb, and your limbs almost paralyzed from the immeasurable climax to which you have just peaked. Yes, this is exactly why we take it to an almost corruptive level of extreme, because absolutely nothing else even begins to compare to this anomalous exultation.